Friday, December 14, 2012

Creating an Effective Freelance Portfolio

Most anyone who has decided to make a living freelance will tell you it’s not a gig for the faint of heart. The work load can be a feast or a famine, having the skill and patience to work with a large array of clients, (all with different personalities and expectations,) and managing both time and money are all huge challenges when you’re working freelance, but one of the things that will both help you to get your name out there to prospective clients and let them know the scope of your skills is by having an effective freelance portfolio. This kind of portfolio, which you can attach to any freelance site that you sign up for, will not only give clients some idea of what they can expect from you, but it will help them get to know the person behind the talent as well.

A freelance portfolio can contain a number of things, but first and foremost, it should showcase your best work. Whether you’re a freelance writer, video designer, artist, or photographer, your portfolio should contain those two or three pieces that really stand out, have won you awards or that you know truly highlight your talents. Since most prospective clients ask for samples when you bid for jobs on freelance sites anyway, this will also keep you from having to dig through all of your work to look for a piece you know is good when you want to bid for a job. You won’t miss out on that chance, and having a posted portfolio also shows that you think of yourself as a professional.

Another component that your freelance portfolio should contain is your work history and qualifications, as well as a brief description of the kinds of jobs you are looking for and what you charge. Your work history and experience in your chosen freelance field will let them know if you’re the right match for them, and your payment options will allow them to see if you are affordable. When it comes to your rates, you should be a bit flexible in order to compete with others who are also looking for freelance work. Having a stand-out freelance portfolio will get you hired more often and let those who are looking for freelance workers know that you take your work seriously.

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